Swedish-Georgian Society:
The Swedish-Georgian Society is a non-profit and politically independent national organization, which aims at promoting Swedish-Georgian relations, especially within the cultural sphere and to increase the understanding between the two nations, primarily through improve the knowledge about Georgia in Sweden and about Sweden in Georgia.


Anybody, who shares the values of the association can apply for membership.
Notify your interest to the association and get registered.

Membership fee:
No membership fee at present.

Göran Dalin

The Swedish-Georgian Society was founded in Stockholm on the 3rd of April 1975, originally as the Georgian Cultural Society. Then the association changed name to the Friendship Society Iveria with location at Eskilstuna during 1994-1995. The Swedish-Georgian Society changed to its present name on the 26th of May 1995 and was relocated to Stockholm and continued its work.

Svensk-georgiska föreningen   Swedish-Georgian Society

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